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A full range of solar products for homes and commercial projects. It’s never too late to go solar!

Solar energy is quickly becoming the most reliable and affordable energy for your home while making a drastic difference in our environment. Over time, solar panels pay for themselves and produce electricity at a discounted rate compared with traditional utility companies. Whether yours is a single family home, apartment or condo with access to the Florida sun, you can easily move away from costly natural gas or electric energy and affordably install or upgrade to clean solar to save money…and the planet!

Solar Team

Solar Pool Heating

Hot water comes at a price.
The average homeowner spends $2,000 a year to heat their pool. An affordable solar installation can reduce your energy bill as much as 13% or $500 annually. While you save, you are also reducing greenhouse emissions by 89%.

Solar Diagnostics and Service

Not happy with your current solar company? Can’t get a hold of them?
Our team of experts can diagnose your system if you feel it is under sized or not working properly and get you back on the path to making your own power.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Get all the convenience of traditional water heaters, without the high cost.
Instead of relying on costly natural gas or electric energy which can be costly, get your hot water from the Florida sun with a solar home heating system. It’s a simple installation that pays off immediately!

Energy Storage

Yes, we offer full energy “storage battery back up” options.
Sun light back up packages now available with the new iq8 micro inverter is a dynamic new product.

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Our solar specialists researched the highest performance, longest lasting, most affordable solar equipment on the market and highly recommend these brands.
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Solar Pool Heating
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Each comes with a warranty, is applicable for tax incentives and credits and our expert Skymark installation. Your solar solution may be different from your neighbors. Let us help you decide with a free no-obligation customized design proposal.