The Location of the Mt Dora History Museum

Mount Dora is a city in Lake County, Florida, which is situated on the banks of Lake Dora. The city has been growing at an exponential rate and this growth is giving rise to new businesses, homes, and attractions. One such attraction that has barely made a splash is the Historic Mt Dora History Museum, which is tucked away in one of the many sleepy cul-de-sacs of the city. With just over two acres of land, this small museum houses a great deal of historical artifacts from early settlers to famous figures who have called Mt Dora home over time. The museum is located at 450 Royellou, Mt Dora, FL 32757.


What to do in Historic Mt Dora, Florida

Our Mt Dora visit was a bit of a surprise—we’d never heard of the city before. There’s something about the mountains and lakeside town vibe of this place that really appeals to us. It’s very low key and unassuming, yet there’s plenty to see and do. We basically took a mini road trip around Lake County and visited the following places: – Umatilla Lake State Park: This is a great place for hiking, picnicking, and swimming. We swam in the beach-like coves and took a hike along the boardwalk. It’s also a good spot for fishing and boating. – The C.S. Lewis House: Lewis was a famous author who wrote the Chronicles of Narnia books. He was also a Christian apologist, author, and speaker. Lewis was a big influence on Tolkien, so his house is a must see. – Hernando De Soto State Park: We visited this park because we’d seen photos of the beautiful Japanese gardens. Well, the books were right—they are stunning. – The Historic Mt Dora History Museum: This was our main goal for the trip and it was a true hidden gem. We visited on a weekday and it was basically deserted. – The Old Town Plaza Shops & Cafe: We spent most of our time here because they have an amazing selection of unique gifts, artwork, and antiques. – The Lighthouse Inn: This is a great spot for a lakeside lunch. They have a cute outdoor seating area with a view of the lake.


The History of the Historic Mt Dora Museum

The Historic Mt Dora History Museum is actually the oldest museum in Lake County. It was established as the Mt Dora Museum in 1966. The building dates from 1882 and was originally a courthouse. In 1965, it was given to the city of Historic Mt Dora, who converted it into a museum in 1966. It currently houses a large collection of artifacts and memorabilia that have been donated by locals and visitors alike. The museum has a very chronological layout. Visitors can start their tour in the Civil War section and work their way through the eras of American History. There are also sections dedicated to the Man in Space and Current Events. A great post


The Major Collections at the Museum

The museum has a large variety of items in its collection, but some of the more notable items are listed below: – Civil War Items: The museum has a great deal of Civil War memorabilia, including uniforms, medals, bullets, and artillery shells. – Man in Space Items: There is an extensive collection of space memorabilia, including paintings, photographs, and memorabilia from astronauts. – Current Events Items: The collection includes items from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. The 9/11 artifacts include photographs, a mannequin, a flag, and a fire hydrant. Hurricane Katrina memorabilia includes paintings, photographs, a lamppost, and a sign. – Other Items: There are also items from the Revolutionary War, the Civil Rights Movement, and baseball.



If you’re looking for a great, unassuming spot to visit, then Historic Mt Dora is the place for you. This small city is growing at an exponential rate, which is bringing new businesses, homes, and attractions to the area. One of these new attractions is the Historic Mt Dora History Museum, which is a great place to learn about the city’s history.