Our Story

Friends and business associates found they had a common interest in caring for their fellow man.

Founded in 2017 by first responders and military veterans.

These former first responders and military veterans working in the construction industry bonded over the belief that many of the costly repairs and construction missteps were causing unnecessary emergency hardships for home and business property owners. They followed their hearts and reverted to their roots as community protectors and formed Skymark Roofing.

Combined experience of more than 45 years in the roofing industry.

Skymark responded to the need for emergency roof repairs following Central Florida’s natural disasters. They also began Skymark’s effort to provide homeowners with information and free inspections to inform homeowners of issues that, with preventive maintenance, could make their home stronger and more resilient.

Because our team is concerned with overall roof health, when we spot solar panel maintenance issues and the effects on a roof you can imagine our conversation, “While we’re up here…”. Thus the solar division was created to repair and ultimately provide solar energy solutions, installation and repair.

Always listening to the needs of our homeowners, pest control was added to the company’s offerings.

Let us help you care for your home.

Skymark is top rated, certified, full service, and locally owned. We service the neighborhoods of Central Florida — before and after damages, before and after construction.